Coaching Climate

All business owners want to describe their services in as professional and attractive manner as possible when they are approaching prospective clients.

I recently asked Richard Hatton of Adjust Procurement Solutions to help me to develop a powerful proposal for a major contract. His advice was invaluable. Richard provided a possible framework to improve the structure of the proposal, asked perceptive questions that helped me to highlight key aspects of the service I was offering, made excellent suggestions about effective language to use, and ensured that I included appropriate caveats so that I did not tie myself down too tightly.

The result was a proposal that I was proud of and that has done its job. I have been invited in to the organisation in question to meet face to face and discuss the proposal further. I am sure that

Richard’s support and experience has helped to open the door to that meeting.

So if you want to write a business proposal that makes an impact, I would heartily recommend you to employ the services of a true professional – Richard Hatton.


Sarah Gornall, Director

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